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Silver Lake

The Silverlake and Echo Park neighborhoods are the hipster centers of Los Angeles, spanning the area from Los Feliz to Dodger Stadium. Home to many creative types, you’ll also find that these neighborhoods are some of the few remaining spots that support income variety. The diversity of residents, along with the lingering Latino influence, gives this area a more eclectic and grittier feel than other upper-middle-class LA neighborhoods.

Urban hills abound, creating stunning views of the city skyline that take you by surprise. The small, steep roads are dense with a variety of architecture, including trendy apartment complexes and vintage bungalows. Many parts of the neighborhoods are very walkable and full of charming cafes and quirky bars. And it’s all centered around the glistening Silverlake Reservoir.

The residential crowd is made up of… architecturally interesting homes, including vintage Spanish-style mansions and artsy 1920’s cottages.

The lifestyle offered is… trendy, indie and cultural. You’ll find plenty of indie nightclubs and small art galleries, plus a range of foodie-approved restaurants.

The most popular building type you’ll find is… individualistic and artfully designed—many of this area’s buildings were designed with a specific person in mind back in the 1920’s- 1950’s, so the homes reflect their taste rather than a rigid style.

The average home price is… $995,000 (Echo Park) and $1.2 million (Silverlake)

The area’s greatest highlight is… The breathtaking views that take you by surprise! Driving along a hilly road, you may suddenly find yourself with a panorama of Los Angeles out your window.

The area’s best driving distance getaways are… Joshua Tree National Park is an easier drive from the east side of LA, a desert escape about three and a half hours from Echo Park. For a closer adventure, Downtown LA is a quick fifteen-minute drive.

The best spot to dine fancy is… Cliff’s Edge. It’s a fine dining experience done Silverlake style, with the option to dine in a plant-filled outdoor patio.

The best spot to find entertainment is… Sunset Triangle Plaza. This plaza is an outdoor space where community events and a biweekly farmer’s market are hosted.

The best spot to go shopping is… the vintage stores along Sunset Boulevard.