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My family and I had the privilege of working with Michelle Moses to find our next home. My husband an I teamed up with Michelle to find a home in a neighborhood with stellar schools and walking distance to shops, restaurants etc... From day one, Michelle listened to our needs with utmost sincerity and dedicated her time and effort to really get to know us. Her knowledge of the real estate industry was apparent to us from the very beginning. She is not only knowledgeable in the basics of the industry but well beyond it. She was able to quickly and accurately assess properties in order to save us time and effort in a process that may be overwhelming at times. Above all else, my family and I really treasure her positive attitude and abundant energy! She gave her one hundred percent to efficiently and timely complete necessary research and paperwork, correspond with other agents and do what it takes for OUR BEST INTEREST. Her strength in reading people and building relationships makes her a powerful player that you want in your team when you are looking to purchase a home!