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Peter C.

Tressana was extremely helpful at all stages of the selling process. She totally organized the preparation of the house for sale, which turned out to be a complicated process because of the accumulation of 20 years of clutter, and transformed it into a bright and attractive property. She has a great range of important contacts when it came to the contractors we required for repairs - electricians, painters, stagers, and tradesmen of all kinds - and she was always on top of them to make sure the work was done in a timely way, and was done properly and thoroughly. She was not just trying to make the place just superficially more attractive, but respectful of the needs of the buyer too. The marketing process, including the photography and all aspects of the listing, were perfect.
She knows all the relevant regulations inside out and was 100% correct in all her estimates of how things needed to move forward. She was tactful and honest and forthright in her negotiations with potential buyers and kept us in the loop at every step. Her judgment about the timing of the sale and the offering price proved to be totally sound and the net result was that we sold it for quite a bit above the asking price in a matter of a few days after it was listed. She was so thorough in her presentation of the property that the escrow proceeded with no contingencies and was closed within the projected time frame.

On top of all this, she is simply a delightful and personable realtor who really goes out to bat for her clients and goes above and beyond in her efforts to serve them.