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Latest Smart Home Technology Trends

With yearly advancement in smart technology, we are rapidly approaching the time when the Internet of Things has reached every aspect of our lives. At the recent CES show in Las Vegas, exhibitors displayed the newest trends in smart home tech. Here are a few we are excited for:


The Echo has been on the market for some time now, but Alexa has opened its software up to developers so we are beginning to see new Alexa-enabled devices hit the market. These voice-activated home hubs allow users to effortlessly control televisions, refrigerators, alarm clocks, Roombas…. Check out this list compiled by The Verge to see all the products that are incorporating this technology this year.


Machines to wash our laundry, machines to dry it, and now a machine to fold it! The Foldimate promises to be an easy way to fold your clothes uniformly every time. Whirlpool introduced an all-in-one machine that washes your laundry, then dries it. No need to swap machines!


Tech companies are meeting the increased demand for smart home security systems with new and improved connected devices. Smart locks, inconspicuous home security cameras, and panic detectors all debuted at the show this year. These security systems are generally easier and less expensive to install than tradition systems, and they give the homeowner full access to the data that is collected.


Several electronic helpers were unveiled at CES this year. Aristotle is an all-in-one nursery monitor that functions as a monitor, a smart light, an LED camera, a sound machine, and more! The very cool, and very expensive, EwayBot is about as close to Hollywood’s depictions of a robot butler as we’ve seen on the market. The mobile bot even has arms to assist you with household chores. The show darling was the Kuri, the impossibly cute robot with movement that was designed by a Pixar animator!

All of these advancements in tech seek to make our home lives easier and more organized than ever before. We can’t wait to see what other advancements 2017 brings!

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